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Information for Canadian Merchants.

What are the fees for becoming a Canadian Merchant?
All fees are in U.S. dollars.
  • Application/Set-up Fee $99
  • Discount Rate 2.79% (charged on gross sales)
  • Minimum Monthly Disc Fee $25
  • Transaction Fee $0.35 (per sale or refund processed)
  • Batching Fee $0.25
  • Monthly Statement Fee $15
  • Charge Back Fee $25

Do I have to have a US Bank Account?
Yes. You must have a US Checking Account. We will provide the contact necessary to apply for a US Checking Account. You will be required to fill out documentation to open the account, provide a letter of reference from your current bank, a photo ID and an initial deposit of US$100. There are no charges for setting up this checking account.

What Forms does the processing bank require for a Canadian Merchant Account?
  • Application.
  • Card Not Present Addendum.
  • System Integrator Form.
  • Statement of Net Worth. (If required.)
  • Corporate Resolution. (Corporations Only)
  • Partnership Agreement. (Partnerships Only)
  • LLC Certificate. (LLC's Only)
  • Guarantees. Each principal listed on the Application should complete and sign.
  • Agreement.

Are other documents required for a Canadian Merchant Account?

  • A voided check for the US checking account into which funds are to be deposited.
  • Payment of your $99 application/setup fee in US dollars only. This must be made by check to ''.
  • A copy of the Articles of Organization of your LLC. (For LLC's only.)
  • If you already accept credit cards, your three most recent major credit card merchant statements.
  • Your American Express merchant number, if you already accept this card. If you do not, you will have to contact American Express directly to establish a merchant account.
  • Advertising/marketing materials, business plan excerpts, background information, press clipping or other information on the business and its principals that may assist us in gaining credit approval for your account.
  • Photographs of your business premises.
  • Financial Statements. Personal and/or business financial statements are required of businesses that sell primarily by Internet. .

How long will it take before my Merchant Account is approved?
Approximately 30 days.

Do I complete the online merchant application?
No, when you contact us we will email all the paperwork that is necessary to open a Canadian Merchant Account.