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Questions Regarding The EZ Payment Gateway:
Is the gateway just html that I copy into my website?
No. The gateway requires that the Merchant integrate their website into the gateway forms or API via CGI, ASP or other scripting languages.

Can my site be programmed into the gateway?
No. We are not responsible for integrating the merchants website into the gateway. We will aid the merchant in their integration by providing fee based technical support, but it is up to the merchant to have the programming skills to properly integrate the gateway.

Is there documentation to program into the gateway?
Yes. You will receive the documentation when you receive your setup information for the gateway.

Does Are sample scripts to integrate the gateway product provided?
Yes. In the gateway documentation there are sample scripts written in Perl5 and ASP (Active Server Pages) that can be integrated into the merchants website to connect to the gateway.
Does my website have to do anything special to use the gateway?
Yes. Your site must have scripts that generate a unique OrderID number. The number can be any alpha-numeric field up to 30 characters. Your site must also produce a total dollar value in decimal form, ex: 15.99 (no dollar signs). The site must also pass the url to return the results of the transaction. The url must be a valid internet address with a script (cgi or asp) that can accept a querystring of return variables.
If I have purchased storefront software, can I use the gateway for my transactions?
Most storefront software programs do not allow you the flexibility to script the pages to use the EZ Payment Gateway in its native mode. However, most software vendors do provide built-in payment configurations for the major processors. You will be provided the configuration variables (Merchant-ID and Private Key) to enable your transactions to function through the storefronts built in gateway.
What do the Nova Transport Response Codes mean?
Click here for the definitions of the codes returned by Nova.
What do the Nova Transport AVS (address verification) Codes mean?
Click here for the definitions of the AVS codes returned by Nova.

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Available to U.S. based businesses only.